Damian Wayne The Talk Fanfiction

Warm {Damian Wayne x Reader} {Warnings: none} Word Count - 862 (Both you and Damian are 17 in this, enjoy!) The sun was hot against your face. You adjusted to the large and complicated family he had. She was poor and has a single mother that is 15 years older than her. Let's take a look at all the other Batman. They have to be in Damian’s age range. ” A/N: Yeah, you and Damian are in high school so he ain’t a kid in. Batman Fanfiction. Talk to me about silly fanfiction tropes and depressing books! Mainblog is Floweredtatamis, Artblog and anywhere else is Hanatatami. Marinette Dupin-Cheng, The French Super hero Ladybug and girlfriend of Damian Wayne has been kidnapped by Rupert Thorne to force Bruce Wayne to give him prime realestate for his ellicet activities. Read Damian Wayne: Sick from the story DC and Marvel Smut Book by TheTeenageAlien (♡♡) with 8,485 reads. Here are 15 reasons why Damian Wayne is the greatest sidekick to Batman. "Are you okay Damian?" (Y/N) asks, completely forgetting about the chess game laying in front of them. DC Kids 11,603,661 views. So, our talk about Damian and romance let to one of the most weird parts of the internet, fanfiction, and i found one about Damian and Maps that is surprisingly good, well at least i thought so, is not very long and there are many errors in the writting (is not annoying, but noticeable), but i think that it has a decent grasp in boths characthers, also is an asexual relationship, so don't. He knew it might happen to him, but he never anticipated it. you guys are probably going to yell at me for writing while I'm sick but I just really needed to post the next part. damian wayne can speak arabic guys that means "i miss you, come back to me" guys thats my son mah son right there i am so proud my son<<<<